20 Fresh Examples Of Interesting Descriptive Writing Prompts

Are you interested in creating a descriptive piece of work, but have no idea what kind of topic must be selected so that a top grade can be reached. It’s very important to select the kind of topic that you can be confident about in terms of allowing you to reach your potential. However, this is sometimes easier said than done. With that thought in mind, here are 20 writing prompts that can get you started if you are stuck:

  1. Describe what the interior of your house looks like
  2. Describe what the interior of your dream home would like
  3. Describe the differences between and your favorite friend
  4. Describe the biggest differences between basketball and football
  5. Describe the biggest differences between your two favorite sports teams
  6. Describe the differences between your two favorite meals
  7. What is your favorite sports star and why?
  8. What is your favorite piece of landscape and why?
  9. What is your favorite meal of all time and why?
  10. What is your favorite sport and why?
  11. Describe the most influential person in your life
  12. Describe the ideal characteristics of a father?
  13. What would your perfect school look like?
  14. What are the main differences between Italy and Japan?
  15. What is the most beautiful landscape on Earth?
  16. Describe the tallest mountain on Earth
  17. What are the key differences between high school and university?
  18. What are the key differences between studying and going to work?
  19. Describe the type of people that live in the Brazilian rainforests
  20. Describe the state of the world 200 years ago

The prompts that are mentioned above are great starting point of a descriptive project. You’ll see that there are all sorts of funky topics that you can select. You just need to consider them carefully in order to come up with a great one. Over time your ability to select a truly high class topic will greatly increase.

Just make sure that the topic that is select is a great fit for a descriptive project. If you select a topic that isn’t, then obtaining the top grade might prove to be very difficult.

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