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Being a student of social studies means exploring vast ocean of human behavior over centuries of civilization. That means to look at the past, analyze the present, and take a good look at what future might bring. Because the subject of sociology is society itself, it is a very big field of interest. Writing an essay on topic that is both intelligent and modern can be tricky. You should find something that has the capacity of exploring a part of the society as a whole, but also stick to just one idea so you will be able to cover all the essential points in just one short essay. Experts suggest some tips and ideas about essay topics in sociology.

Chose small occurrence that has big meaning

Writing about everyday events is the core of sociology. You should skip the “big ideas”, for example how to end poverty. It is great if you know the answer, but you probably don’t. Try with some simple event that you witnessed or are thinking about, and put it in the global flow of events.

Chose topics that are familiar with you

It will be worthwhile writing about a matter that is “on your doorstep”. Again, you don’t have to find cure for tuberculosis, or find alternative for capitalism. Start with a question: What does trouble me and my friends? Answering such a “less important” question can be as challenging as trying to solve the millennial demands.

Inform yourself about the topics before you chose to write about it

You should make sure you have enough data about the idea you are elaborating. If you cannot back up your hypothesis with some relevant information, than it has no scientific meaning.

Here are some interesting ideas for essay topics in sociology suggested by experts.

  • Religion of poverty. How ones social status determines the way they indulge in culture and religion as its essential part
  • Sex and social media. Are we true to our sexual preference, or we push to live a life that is similar to our social media feed
  • Career versus life. Do we forget how to fell “small” joys because we are pursuing “big” dreams? Is small the big thing we should dream about?
  • Terrorism and consumerism. Is popular culture creating terrorist?
  • Big cities and loneliness. Why do people feel more alone than ever in the world when no one is ever unaccompanied?

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