Basic Essay Writing Vocabulary To Help You Get Better Grades

Essay writing contributes a lot to your final grade in school. One of the most important skills in essay writing is a good understanding of the vocabulary of homework. You need to understand the question, and to use the right words in the right words to communicate your ideas effectively. Here’s more:

Understand Key Words in the Question

Common words that appear in homework questions include ‘describe,’ ‘analyze,’ ‘compare,’ and ‘discuss.’ These words determine the direction that your essay should take. If for instance you are asked to ‘differentiate’ one thing from another, then you should indicate the things that make one thing distinct from another. To analyze is to systematically and thoroughly investigate that thing. When asked to discuss a position, you go through the pros and cons. Do not start working on your term paper without looking these up.

When asked to ‘enumerate’ you cite all major aspects or elements of a particular subject. Sometimes you are required to give your opinion. In that case, you may be asked to ‘criticize’ or ‘evaluate.’

Use Transitional Words

Term papers need to be well structured to make sense. Connect one paragraph to another and one sentence to the next so that it reads well.

Some transitional words are used to indicate sequences between one point and another. First, secondly, subsequently, finally, meanwhile, or next are all examples of words that indicate sequence. Indicate examples using words like when, where, for instance, or case in point. Use words like hence, then, therefore, or consequently to indicate causation.

Use formal language

In academic writing, formal language is always better than informal language. Whenever possible, use technical language that is specific to the industry.

Use verbs to communicate

When discussing a phenomenon in an in-depth manner, you can use verbs like investigate or analyze. When you are unsure of something you can use words like speculate, imply, deduce, or suspect. When going into the parts of a whole, use words like constitute, made up of or consist.

When arguing for or against a particular position you use words like advocate, negate, dispute or propose. Verbs are action words. They keep your term paper coherent and easy to follow with these verbs. The best way to learn is to read other academic homework and take notice of how different words are used. Of course looking up their meaning does not hurt.

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