Top 20 Most Interesting Music Essay Topics For High School Students

Better known as the food of love, music is a big deal across the globe, and that has been the case for centuries. Millions of high school students study music as a subject in their schools but what are the top 20 most interesting music essay topics for these students? The following sections will deal properly with this issue:

  1. The types of musical instruments: This is a topic that can delve into the nature and types of instruments. There are countless musical instruments in use across the globe. Some of them are recent while others have existed for thousands of years.
  2. History of musical instruments: These instruments evolved over time, and it will make a spectacular writing focus on them.
  3. World culture and the influence of musicians: Musical legends have had a profound influence on the world, and it will be cool to study this connection.
  4. The musicians of Africa: Africa is home to some of the most gifted and brilliant musicians found anywhere in the world.
  5. Medicine and the effects of music: Scientists believe that melodies, songs and rhythms have some effect on the wellbeing of humans and can even be used as a form of therapy.
  6. The musicians of the 17th century
  7. What is the world without melody?
  8. The orchestras of Italy
  9. Are musicians born or made?
  10. The genius of Mozart
  11. Why we should all sing
  12. The economic impact of entertainment
  13. Why do some musicians become superstars?
  14. Politicians, musicians and celebrities
  15. Can the world be better with songs?
  16. The disadvantages of pursuing a musical career
  17. What is the link between artist genre and societal violence?
  18. Are we evolving into better musical geniuses?
  19. Why is there a ban on entertainment in some countries?
  20. The universality of sounds

These are few of some of the topics that students can make use of as sources of inspiration when the time comes for them to pen down their essays. It is such a vast field that one can practically come up with endless lists. However, the purpose of this write-up is to serve as a guide for the learner, and hopefully, spark the germination of even more exciting ideas. Melodies brighten our lives, and it is always exciting having an opportunity to have to write about them.

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