Useful Advice on How to Improve Your English Essay

Writing essays is already a complicated task that often causes a lot of pain to students. However, having coped with the major task, composition of a draft, many students start thinking on how they can improve their work, make it more interesting and successful. Let’s check out several useful tips.

  • If you have already written your English essay draft, put it aside and have a break that should last for no less than several hours (if you still have the time). This pause will help you switch over to other things and see the text afresh.
  • Read the text once again and remove all the spelling and grammar mistakes that you encounter. You will need to read the draft several more times, so there should be no more such stumbling points.
  • Grammar corrected, read the text from the point of view of style and content. Is your paper interesting to an average reader? Is it informative enough? Does the information come from reliable sources? Is everything logical and consequential? Are there paragraphs that can be removed without any harm to the general sense?
  • Are there unclear sentences that seem to be able to puzzle readers? All these points need to be fixed. You should remember that your English essay is written for readers, so it should be as reader-friendly as possible. When all the mentioned points are fixed, check out whether the title is the best one that can be chosen for this particular paper. In case you haven’t been given a title to use, think over a new one that will be brighter, catchier and more informative.
  • Check the structure of your text. Compare it to the existing demands to academic papers like this. In your project, there should be as many paragraphs, pages, or arguments as wanted by the teacher. Make sure that you have written exactly what was expected of you: an argumentative, or an expository, or a compare-contrast project, etc.
  • Ask somebody to read your paper through, giving attention to everything, beginning with the grammar, and ending with the style. It’s an effective way to see what your paper is to average readers. That is, you will see whether everything is correct, clear, interesting, and informative to common people. Besides that, you can have a helpful opinion on your writing manner, in general. It will help you improve your writing skills and gain success with your future projects in all possible areas.

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