A List Of 11 Best Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

From as early as high school it is important for you to learn how to choose a good argumentative essay topic. There are lots of students who have in the past struggled to get this done, perhaps because they do not have the slightest idea of where to start. To make your work easier, visit this website, and then you will learn not just how to write a really good paper, but more importantly how to come up with some of the greatest discussion topic ideas possible. The following is a list of titles that you can consider for your paper:

  1. Discuss the need to allow women stronger positions in politics
  2. Explain some of the challenges that the current mortgage crisis has brought about
  3. Discuss how consumer debt is in part a significant fault of the government
  4. Explain some of the challenges that outsourcing countries face when shipping off jobs to foreign countries
  5. There have been proponents of equal pay for equal work in the past. Discuss this point from a feminist perspective, citing relevant sources.
  6. Explain how fuel prices have an effect on the state of the economy
  7. Discuss the relationship between the price of education, with an emphasis on the cost of purchasing text books
  8. Minimum wage has always been a pertinent issue in as far as the economy is concerned. Basing your points on recent economic developments, discuss why this is a concept that needs to be addressed promptly
  9. Shakespeare, in his work, Romeo and Juliet, pretty much added an air of romance to teen suicide. Discuss why this portrayal of suicide among teens is a considerable problem.
  10. Hunting, even for sport, should be banned because of the unethical element of killing animals for the sake of it. Discuss this, and the effect that it would have on the relevant industries affected.
  11. Discuss the concept of animal rights, highlighting the challenges that animal rights proponents face when dealing with inhumane scientific research.

When you are in high school some of the topics that you will be asked to write on are based on things that are really easy. These are issues that you come across on a daily basis. They are things that you encounter from time to time, so your work should be really easy.

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