Composing a Good 5-Paragraph Descriptive Essay about a Person

One of the common pitfalls students experience when writing a descriptive essay about a person is believing that the assignment is similar to a narrative piece. Narrative paper assignments ask students to reveal some kind of meaning through a personal story taken from their own experience. A descriptive essay about a person, however, asks students to reveal some kind of meaning through a detailed observation of that person. Here’s what you need to know about composing a good 5-paragraph assignment of this type:

Pre-Writing Your Paper for Ideas

Start by simply getting to work. Start brainstorming and writing a rough draft of your ideas. Writing is a process and you want to get started as early as possible so that you are able to explore several ideas and select from the best ones.

Creating an Outline with Clear Points

Gather your ideas and arrange them in the best possible way in which you both express your ideas and thoughts clearly while making the most sense to the reader. You may have to revise your outline along the way, but it’s still a good idea to get at least something down to help guide you along the way.

Using Descriptive and Figurative Language

You’ve probably heard that when composing a piece like this you should always show, not tell. You can achieve this by using descriptive and figurative language. Pay attention to word selection and consider using both a dictionary and thesaurus to make your writing livelier.

Revising Your First Written Draft

After a few days, take a second look at your first draft. There should be plenty of room for improvement. Consider revising every paragraph or sentence. If you feel your work would be better if you removed or rearranged content go ahead and do so. The hardest part is being self-critical, so you need to stay diligent.

Editing and Proofreading Your Paper

Lastly, be sure to thoroughly edit and proofread the entire assignment. You should have given yourself ample time to do these last two exercises. Now is the time to look at your work with a fine toothed come to ensure you don’t miss any of the small mistakes that could lower your score.

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