The Key To Writing A High-Quality Biology Extended Essay

Self directed pieces of compositions are called as extended essays. If you are going to write a high quality one on the topic of your interest, you need to carry a deep study first.

Check out the keys of writing-

  • First understand what you are going to write: If things are not clear in your mind, composition will become difficult for you to write. It is highly suggested that you go through the study guides or the manuals first suggested by your supervisor and then initiate.
  • Research topic should be deliberately chosen: Biology is a vast subject and you should carry an intensive research. Topic should be chosen from the subject area only. If you choose your topic first, it will not solve your purpose.
  • Solid research is vital: Write your question in an interesting way. Explore the topic based on your personal experience and then communicate your ideas effectively. Formulate a strong argument for this.
  • Use your various skill sets: Employ your analytical, critical, writing and reading skill sets. You should be able to demonstrate the extended essay in the best possible way after carrying a comprehensive research work.
  • Do Experiment: Conduct an experiment and then analyze the result. Outline your significant findings. For this, you should plan experiments of our own and then conduct everything in an appropriate way. Once done, take your own time and write.
  • Do the initial preparation: Such Biology Extended essay assignments are generally long ones. So, start working on it soon. After your topic has been approved by your professor, start gathering information using web or books. Plan for your experiment and read various scholarly articles or books. Remember, critical analysis takes time and hence you should have sufficient time for this. Prepare notes as you go through the reference materials. Write down an effective title for your literature. You can also write down the resources on side for our own reference.
  • While you write, it should comprise of 7 parts: The title page, abstract, table of content, introduction, body, conclusion and bibliography section.
  • Size and fonts should be in synchronization: Follow your instructor’s guidelines. Students should employ at least 40 hours while writing such compositions. Do not linger your work till last day as it will decline your quality.
  • The topic should be decided with patience: Otherwise you will find your job monotonous and will get exhausted soon.

Furthermore, stay focused and motivated. Do not hesitate to take your motivator’s help. Proofread your work regularly and ensure that you meet the guidelines.

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