Creating An Essay On Why Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves

When students get assigned an essay many of them panic. It is important that students begin to write articles because the more essays are written, the easier they get. Students will be asked to write different things from a very young age and continue until they graduate from college. Sometimes it is easiest to begin writing about yourself when you begin writing essays. Here are a few tips to help create an essay:

  • One of the hardest things have already been done for you about creating an essay. You already have your topic.
  • Now that you have your topic, you need to do research and collect some data. Also it is a good idea to take good notes. This essay is on happiness and ourselves. Some of the things you may want to research is the definition of happiness. Then you may want to include some personal things like what makes you happy. Taking notes and keeping them organized is one of the most important things about creating an essay.
  • While you were researching and taking notes you need to be thinking in the back of your mind about what your topic sentence might be. Your topic sentence may include the definition of happiness and personalize the sentence by saying what makes you happy.
  • The next important thing you need to do is create an outline of what your essay is going to say. The first line will be the topic sentence and something else that may catch the attention of your reader. You want your audience to want to read the next paragraph so tell them something. Then your outline should maybe talk about three other things that make you happy and then your last part of your outline should be your conclusion.
  • Now it’s time to create your rough draft. Follow your outline like a road map and write your rough draft. It shouldn’t be too hard now because all of your information is in front of you and the order you are going to write it in is there as well.
  • Have someone look over your essay and ask for advice on how they may improve it. Take their advice and make a few changes. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes as well.
  • Create your final draft and be proud to hand in your essay.

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