How to Use Transition Words in a Compare and Contrast Essay

If you are looking for similarities and differences in a paper, you will need transition words. These words and phrases allow you to move back and forth between the subjects seamlessly. They create a flow that is noticeable in the paper. In order to use them properly, you need to know the ten different types of these devices.

10 Types

  1. Comparison: words such as similarly, likewise, also, and in the same manner. An example sentence is…Likewise; the movie was well viewed, just like the play.
  2. Concession: words such as granted, of course, naturally, or admittedly. An example sentence is…Admittedly, the two subjects are both very challenging.
  3. Additional: words such as first, second, besides, or also. An example sentence is… First, we will explore the similar colors of the dove and the egret.
  4. Consequence or result: words such as a result, because of, for this reason, and accordingly. An example sentence is…As a result the Heat best the Cavaliers.
  5. Contrast: words such as however, otherwise, in direct opposition, and at the same time. An example sentences is…. Otherwise, how can the bear kill and eat the salmon.
  6. Sequence: words such as later, earlier, eventually, and in the meanwhile. An example sentence is…. Earlier, Hemingway wrote more short stories.
  7. Spatial words: below, after, in the distance, and on the top. An example sentence is…In the distance; the hero could see the maiden.
  8. Examples: words such as for examples, namely, listed, in particular, and to look to. An example sentence is…For example, the Marlin and the lion could be compared in The Old Man and the Sea.
  9. Summary: words such as in the end, the results show, in conclusion, in other words, as can be seen, and therefore. An example sentence is…Therefore, it could be determined that the lemon is more acidic than the banana.
  10. Emphasis: words such as above the rest, ultimately, in fact, and certainly. An example sentence is… Ultimately, Grendel is less of a hero than Robin Hood, but similarities can be drawn from their respective conduct.

When writing this style of essay, if certain devices are not used, it can appear choppy. You always want your essay to flow and to read smoothly. Implement these suggestions the next time you write a compare and contrast piece.

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