8 Helpful Hints On How To Complete A History Extended Essay

When writing an extended academic paper on history, you stand a decent chance of losing both focus and track with the paper and the subject. There are several things that you will have to take under consideration when you have decided to make the paper a long one. To begin with, please understand that writing a long academic piece on history is not easy.

With that thought in mind, here are eight keys that you will have to remember when it comes to starting with extended papers in history.

  1. Study events in historical context
  2. Before you start writing a long piece on a historical paper, you will need to realize that events are best understood when studied in the historical context. This helps you not just with the paper, but with the subject in general.

  3. Keep checking on the economic connotation
  4. The economic connection of history must be realized and included in every long paper that has anything to do a historical event. There are numerous implications of this combine.

  5. Identify and highlight the politics
  6. History is also replete with politics. The word is actually older than Christ and dates back to the age of Aristotle. This is one of the major reasons to study in that context and write in the essay.

  7. You can connect the dots
  8. History is mostly about spaced out events. You do not really know what happened in between. You may exercise the liberty to connect the dots in case you are writing a long paper.

  9. Exercise restraint when quoting facts and figures
  10. Do not quote a figure unless you are completely sure about it and unless the source from where you are writing has been verified well. Even then, be a little circumspect about quoting.

  11. Develop a sense of realism
  12. History is not art. It is reality. You must quote only from the most real sources and make sure there is something that can be learnt on all occasions.

  13. Make the paper organic
  14. The elements of the paper should be well connected with one another. This makes the paper appear organic and gives you the much needed room for developing long papers. Long history essays that lack organic connectedness appear drab.

  15. Conclude well
  16. Do not leave it too late. Conclude when it is time to conclude. Draw the conclusion deductively from the paragraphs or chapters that you have written already in the past.

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