A Strategy Of Writing A Persuasive Essay On Obesity

Obesity is an unexpected epidemic. Previously, the greater human concern would have been the possibility of starvation. If you decide to write persuasively on obesity, there are many things you can consider to make sure that the job gets done right.

  • Decide how you intend to define the term ‘obese’
  • There are medical guidelines on how to classify the weights of humans. Some are underweight, others are in the normal range and some are obese. Those who are obese can further be divided with some being borderline normal and others as morbidly or even super-morbidly obese. You should look at this and make sure your readers are very clear on what element of society you are talking about.

  • Look at previous studies that have been done within the field
  • There have been many studies on people who are obese because of the way their condition affects their lives as well as the economies of countries that they live in. Read up on these so that you have a factual basis for anything that you say.

  • Pick an angle (and by extension a title)
  • You can look at the obese in many ways. You could consider the discrimination they face from wider society, the ways that their families enable them and even their mental health. You decide which part of the problem would be best for you to consider.

  • Compile some evidence
  • Having read the studies you should put together some notes that will become points for the final rendering of the essay. You can go beyond the studies that you read to engaging in interviews with obese people and the doctors who deal with them. There are also some very good documentaries that detail the lives and struggles of people who have become morbidly or super-morbidly obese.

  • Get some persuasion inspiration
  • Your writing is not just on the topic, it is persuasive so you should look for other pieces that intend to persuade and learn from them.

  • Write, edit and submit
  • Having completed all of the above steps you should be ready to begin writing in earnest. Put your ideas together and use a template if this helps you. It is also a good idea to edit twice if you know that you are prone to mistakes. When this is done you can submit.

If your work is well done you may be able to positively impact people who are affected by this problem.

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