Basic Characteristics of a Good High School Analytical Essay

If you’ve never heard of the analytical essay you might find it a little tricky at first. The main objective of this assignment is to analyze a piece of writing, a photograph, a film, or some issue or idea. You need to break the specific topic into several parts and present your analysis of the material in a structured and logical argument. These kinds of assignments are slightly more difficult than the argumentative essay, but as long as you have some experience writing the latter, you should do pretty well with this assignment. Here are the basic characteristics of a good high school analytical essay:

  1. It should have strong thesis statement
  2. As with any kind of writing assignment, you should include a strong thesis statement that clearly and concisely tells the reader what your paper is about as well as the argument you are proposing. Keep your thesis simple and specific. Avoid complex construction which might only serve to confuse the reader and make your position ambiguous.

  3. It should contain supporting evidence
  4. Your analytical essay should include ample textual evidence from academic resources. You can use quotations, paraphrases or other facts that give your analysis and interpretation of the subject some credibility. Be sure to use the evidence in its correct context.

  5. It should explain the significance of the theme
  6. Another key characteristic of a good high school analytical essay is that you provide a detailed explanation of the significance of the theme within the context of your thesis as a means to support your analysis. You should leave no doubt as to how your argument relates to the subject.

  7. It will use concise and correct style and grammar
  8. One of the biggest writing challenges high school students face is the use of correct and concise style and grammar. When you are selecting words to convey your ideas you must keep the reader in mind, and aim to write clearly and directly. Don’t use long or confusing words when short and simple words are just as effective.

  9. It should demonstrate a clear position
  10. Finally, the paper should clearly demonstrate that you are writing with conviction and that you mean what you have to say about the topic. By showing that you know the subject and have given it considerable thought you will be in a better position to connect with the reader, regardless of whether or not he is in agreement with your analysis.

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