Step-By-Step Guide To Writing A Classification Essay

As a student you will be asked to submit written assignments in a number of styles and formats, and at some point you may be asked to produce a classification essay. As the name suggests a classification essay is where things related to the topic are classified or organised into categories or groups. This is a relatively familiar style, but if you haven’t done one before or if it has been some time since you last wrote one then following a step-by-step guide could be beneficial.

Step One – Know your Topic

As with most assignments you will either be assigned a topic or you will be able to choose one yourself. Whatever the situation ensure you familiarise yourself with the subject matter researching it well so that you are able to write with authority on the topic this will also enable you to easily identify the various categories you will need to define.

Step Two – Introductions

It should be of no surprise that the opening paragraph is important as it provides an introduction to the topic and in this case it also provides a platform for you to introduce the categories which you will go on to define in the next step.

Step Three – Define and Describe

The main body is made up of paragraphs that describe and define the categories or groups. Each category or group should be given its own paragraph and each paragraph should:

  • Open with a description of the category or group. This should be no more than one sentence.
  • Provide a detailed description of the category or group. You should include specific details that will help the reader to get a clear picture of what you are describing.
  • Be in an order that is logical to you.
  • All paragraphs should seamlessly link to each other so that the text flows nicely and so that it is easy to see how the categories or groups are interrelated.

Step Four – The Close

If the introduction opens the essay, the closing paragraph, well – closes it. It provides the opportunity to re-familiarise the reader with the topic and allows you to reinforce what you have defined and described in each paragraph, draw conclusions and summarise. In most cases it also enables you to provide a recommendation based on your findings.

Follow the steps above and you will find it easy and even enjoyable!

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