Writing 101: How Do You Organize A Cause And Effect Essay?

Cause and effect essays are very interesting in that they have to ability to make a reader view a certain situation in a different light. In many cultures, it is not uncommon for a people to have serious misconceptions about many common, everyday things and a little research by a skilled author can change that.

While this essay may have a specific purpose it follows many of the same rules that most other papers do and because of this, one should not be intimated by the task. In the following short points, I will present a simple guideline that will help even the most amateur writer create a well organized cause and effect essay:

  1. Introduction to the topic
  2. Spare no description as you present the case to the reader. Use every adjective you can to ensure that you paint a clear, distinct picture. As you proceed you want them to fully understand and follow your train of thought,to ensure this, you must prepare them by bringing them to the place you are.

  3. Begin with the effects
  4. The effects are often the easiest to notice and describe so you should begin here. Try to ensure that the reader can relate to what you are describing, especially in the case of a situation that is unique or very new. Feel free to use any examples to help the reader better understand what you are trying to describe.

  5. Working backwards, give reasons for each effect
  6. The reasons can be presented after you have clearly identified the results of their interaction with the present conditions. For each situation, try to identify each separate part and discuss it fully, trying your best to distinguish one cause from the others.

  7. Show how each action leads to others
  8. Now that the readers are clear on the effects and the causes, you can begin to show how each one is connected to the other. Pay careful attention to detail as minor inputs into an environment can have significant effects over a period of time.

  9. End with a summary of your findings
  10. Your final paragraph should briefly summarize what you have presented without too much detail. Try to show a step by step progression of all the information you have stated and end with a conclusive statement declaring your thesis to be true or false. Make sure you conclusion coincides with the information you have presented.

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