A List Of Excellent Process Essay Topic Ideas For College Students

The choice of a topic for an essay is extremely important. If you don’t have a good one, your essay will hardly be a success. That’s why if you want to compose an outstanding project, you need to think about a good topic first.

Where to Find a Good Topic

There are many places where you can find interesting topics or, at least, ideas that can bring you to a nice solution. These are libraries, virtual databases, writing manuals, writing labs, and special websites that provide topic suggestions. Below, you will also find nice suggestions for process essay topics. You should feel free to use any of them, or recompose them as you like. At best, even if you find nice ideas on the Web, try not to use them as they are. They are available to too many people, so your essay will not be unique. Instead, try to create something on your own that will be as interesting as the ideas from the Web.

  1. Becoming a millionaire without leaving home.
  2. Learning a foreign language only with the help of reading books.
  3. Discovering new stars without being an astronomer.
  4. Being a perfect psychologist without studying for it and getting a diploma.
  5. Composing an academic paper without problems.
  6. Becoming good at writing even if you hate it.
  7. Reaching success in sciences having an artistic mind.
  8. Learning to walk after a grave injury.
  9. Struggling for the rights of animals and against cruelty.
  10. Becoming the best football player in the school team.
  11. Becoming a singer without a prominent voice or a singing talent.
  12. Building a career from the lowest available post.

How to Make Your Paper Interesting

Choose a topic that will attract your readers’ attention. For example, they will hardly be interested in a paper that will teach them how to cook tea. Instead, they can be rather attracted to a topic that will tell them an unusual story. For instance, if you describe the process of turning a millionaire without having a cent, the paper will definitely attract the attention of readers and stand out.

As well, you can use your own experience. For example, you can describe the process of turning into a school swimming team champion being unable to swim at all at the very start. It can be an interesting story of success and a long, tiresome process that shows you as a determined and ambitious personality.

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