Composing an Essay Thesis Statement Successfully

A good essay thesis statement should not convince the readers but make them interested to find out how they might be. An effective thesis is not a yes/no question. It is not a fact, topic, or a point of view. That sentence should include two elements. The former tells your audience what you plan to claim and the latter explains how you plan to support your position. There are several steps that will help you compose your thesis statement and some vital things to keep in mind.

Constructing a Winning Essay Thesis Statement

By taking the following steps, you will construct a winning thesis statement for your essay without trouble:

  1. Study your primary sources to find interest, tension, complication, or controversy.
  2. Try to formulate a few “Why?” questions, answer them briefly, and write everything down.
  3. Place your working thesis at the end of your introduction where most readers are used to finding it.
  4. Come up with counterarguments that can be said against your thesis.
  5. Clarify your thesis so that it becomes stronger and includes the aforementioned two key elements.

You should revise your thesis after the essay is ready to ensure that everything flows well together. It is fine to change it a bit while you are editing your assignment before the submission. However, if you make significant changes, remember to revise the whole paper.

Writing a Perfect Essay Thesis Statement

To write a perfect essay thesis statement, you should learn the following important things and bear them in mind. First, it is a bad idea to formulate it as a question because the latter is not an argument. Remember that an argument is a vital part of your thesis. Second, do not provide lists in the thesis sentence unless absolutely necessary. The readers may get confused and think of your claim as a fact.

Third, your thesis should be clear. Vagueness is a quality of an ineffective claim. You need to provide your argument in a formal voice without judgment and emotion. Fourth, you need to make a claim that you can prove. If you cannot persuade your readers that your argument is valid, you will fail to meet the task’s requirements.

Last but not least, your statement should be specific. You should avoid clichés, abstractions, and general terms at all cost. It is fine to add some descriptions to make your thesis statement more specific and interesting for your readers. If you have some time, get a few good samples to find out how other writers compose successful thesis claims.

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